Collaborative Divorce Lawyers In Ventura County

Considering the costs and acrimony involved in so many traditional contested divorces, it is no surprise that more and more couples look toward uncontested divorce options to help control costs and outcomes.

Litigation isn't the only way, though one should always be prepared for it. Often many areas of a case can be resolved by competent counsel working cooperatively within the mandates of the family code, which requires attorneys to work towards settlement of disputed issues where possible, particularly where the law is clear and the facts are undisputed. To deal with more difficult issues the following methods are available:

  • Private mediation with judge
  • Cooperative dissolution processes
  • Litigation of specific issues as opposed to all issues
  • Problems with mediation without representation

It is absolutely true that these solutions can help couples move on with their life in an economical and relatively amicable way - but they are not all created equal.

In the case of mediation, many details can get lost or are not fully disclosed and certain mediated "resolutions" are completely unfair. The problem is that in California, if couples don't reach an agreement, they have to start all over and anything that was discovered or discoverable needs to be submitted again.

Additionally, mediation does not have judicial oversight unless and until a judge signs off; very seldom do judges ask questions, and due to new changes in the law, anything said in a discarded mediation proceedings can be used in the future - up to and including actions that amount to malpractice.

In contrast, in collaborative divorce, each party can have attorneys involved, representing his or her rights. There is no need to start over if there are problems and there is ongoing judicial oversight. Additionally, it can be more cost-effective, considering the value saved.

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