Visitation Lawyers In Ventura County

A parenting plan is the document that determines child custody. Specifically, it delineates the details with respect to what parent has the child(ren) on what days of the week (visitation issues), major decision-making authority and how to address changes in parental situation.

Working to draft a parenting plan can be advantageous, and parents who take a proactive role can craft a plan that addresses immediate and long-term needs. That said, ensuring that you take into account all potential issues is of immense importance, so partnering with a skilled law firm cannot be overrated.

We at Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano have a comprehensive knowledge of all custody, visitation and parenting plan issues in California. If you are working through these or related issues, we will help you address all specifics and draft up documentation that outlines all specifics but is flexible enough to fit the changing needs of your family.

We can help you draft provisions that allow for the rotation of responsibilities and include more nuanced issues of interaction when children are present.

As necessary, our lawyers can help you modify and make adjustments to a plan as necessary, when periodic changes are called for.

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