Child Abduction

Were you granted full legal and physical custody of your child, only to have the noncustodial parent take your child, or threaten to take your child, during non-visitation hours? Or has the noncustodial parent moved to a foreign country and insinuated they will abscond with your child to that country?

Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano have the legal knowledge and expertise to assist you with these types of horrifying and tragic situations. Whenever you are dealing with a family abduction, our attorneys can help you act quickly and decisively to get your child returned and take steps to prevent a recurrence in the future.

Noncustodial Parent Abductions

If you have court-ordered physical custody, and the other parent takes your child without your permission during non-visitation hours, or if he refuses to return your child after planned visitation, this may be kidnapping. And it is most likely violation of a court order.

Once your child is located and returned home, you will want to do as much as possible to prevent future repeat incidents. Our lawyers can help you accomplish this. We can take steps to obtain a modified court order granting you additional custody rights and eliminating the offending parent's custody rights by showing that the noncustodial parent took your child without legal right, violated a court order and denied you your custody rights.

International Custody Disputes

It is an extremely serious matter when a child is taken to a foreign country without the other parent's consent. The situation is highly emotional and can be very scary, especially when the offending parent has dual citizenship or is a citizen of that other country.

In situations like these, Hague Convention protocols typically apply and give the aggrieved parent some legal recourse. If your child has been taken by your ex out of the country, it is important to take decisive action.

We at Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano are prepared to assist you in working through international custody problems. Whenever possible, our attorneys strive to stop a departure before it happens. For example, our firm can contact the appropriate organizations and embassies to intervene on your behalf. Our Ventura lawyers can also work with the District Attorney's Child Abduction Unit (DACARU) to recover a child that has been removed from the state, and make sure an injunctive restraining order is put in place to prevent the absconding parent from having the opportunity to take the child abroad again.

It is important to act quickly in child kidnapping and international child abduction matters. Call us at 805-919-8346 or contact us online.

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